For most people music is not only integral to life but to our worship experiences as well. We know that just as life journeys differ from person to person, so also do music preferences. The song that deeply moves one person is not the same song that reaches another. We, therefore, make a conscious effort to include our whole community in our music life together, from children through seniors, and to choose spirit-centered music from many traditions.

Our choir is comprised of worshippers who especially like to sing, some of whom are beginners, and some of whom have excellent training. You are always invited to participate in the choir, the level and degree that is comfortable for you. Rehearsals are Tuesday evenings, with a "brush-up" on Sunday mornings, 45 minutes before worship.

And a bonus awaits all who sing in the choir: Not only is your singing - and your worship experience - enhanced, but you become part of a wonderfully caring, supportive group.